Jerry J Clothing is committed to procuring sustainable, ethical and responsibly sourced materials, good and services. This means Jerry J Clothing takes into account the social, economic and environmental impact purchasing has on people and communities, locally, regionally and globally.

Jerry J Clothing considers what products are made from, where they have come from, who has made them, under what conditions they are made, how they are transported and eventually how they are decommissioned, or manufactured into other products.

The specific sustainable procurement practices which Jerry J Clothing is committed to at all levels within the Company are as follows:

  • Procure durable goods and services, which reflect up-to-date specifications or standards for environmental sustainability (e.g. A – Rate certified)
  • Promote a level of sustainability awareness among Jerry J Clothing supply chain partners and encourage them to adopt sustainable practices
  • Include sustainability issues as part of our subcontractor and supplier appointment process
  • Prohibit the use of products or processes, which are potentially damaging to the environment, such as toxic materials or refrigerants with high global warming potential, where a less environmentally damaging alternative is available
  • Reduce the purchase of new products by re-using or repairing existing products
  • Where we have design responsibilities, specify products which have a high recycled content and with a high recyclability factor
  • Where possible purchase local materials, products and services and support SME, SE and BAME business markets
  • Raise awareness of and procure ethical and Fair-Trade certified products
  • Purchase only Legal and Sustainable Timber products with a valid CoC Certificate
  • Procure recycled and sustainably certified paper products

This policy statement will be communicated to all persons working for and on behalf of Jerry J Clothing and any other relevant stakeholders.

This policy should read in conjunction with other Jerry J Clothing Policies.
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